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  • Woman weighing herself on scales in health club

    3 Healthe Habits to Adopt in 2014

    If you want to lose weight this year and truly keep it off for the rest of your life, you need to examine your current daily patterns and routines and adopt healthier habits. In the past, you may have set … Continue reading

  • Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 10.29.00 AM

    Hostess Gifts: Maple Glazed Pecans

    This maple glazed pecan recipe is an easy and inexpensive hostess gifts for the holidays. If you can not find a festive bowl place the pecans in a mason jar and wrap it with a bow! Simple, easy and delicious! Continue reading

  • gift

    Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Watching Their Weight

    Do you know someone that is watching their weight this holiday season? Instead of sabotaging their weight loss efforts with food coupons or baskets, consider giving them something that will help them stay committed to bettering their health. Continue reading

  • Give Thanks 260

    Giving Thanks Can Improve Your Health

    As the Thanksgiving holiday begins we are reminded of just how blessed we are to be able to gather with loved ones around a bountiful table. Why should this feeling of gratitude only last one or two days out of the year? Continue reading

  • What to choose?

    Is a Calorie Really Just a Calorie?

    A calorie is a calorie is a calorie — or is it? Of course, calories matter. It is a common myth that all that matters for weight loss is calories in, calories out. But the types of foods and how the body processes each, impacts weight management. Continue reading

  • Trick Or Treat Halloween Bucket

    Tips for Avoiding the Temptation of Halloween Candy

    What’s the scariest thing about Halloween? Is it the ghost and goblins running around your neighborhood and ringing your front door or is it the bowl of candy that your hand keeps dipping into? Continue reading

  • crossfit woman doing push-ups

    Get Fit, Get Outside!

    Take advantage of the extra time on your hands this weekend by taking your workout – outdoors! By moving your exercise outdoors, your body is constantly challenged by inclines, declines, and obstacles. Try the following working in your backyard or … Continue reading

  • Fruit kabobs

    15 Quick Healthy Snacks

    Find yourself eating processed foods over whole foods simply because you were in a hurry and needed something quick? Here are 15 quick healthy snacks that can be prepared quickly:     Trail mix:  Mix dried fruit, nuts, and seeds … Continue reading

  • Family enjoying meal at home

    Family, Support & Weight Loss

    Support can be the biggest variable in you hitting your weight loss goal or not. To be truly committed to your weight loss journey you will need others to honor your commitment and provide encourage along the way. Continue reading